The Seabird Ecologists

One of my much loved friends from the undergraduate days, Lucy, has decided to stay another winter on Bird Island, where she occasionally posts amazing pictures of the wildlife down there to make me feel exceptionally jealous as I fight with various university IT systems.

One of her new team members has started a great wee blog: so if you love the wild side, I suggest you check it out! (And check out Lucy’s lovely new hairdo . . .)

Meanwhile, me and Athena will curl up under a fluffy blanket and watch some magpies outside the window. It’s more our style!

Get a Man To Help You!

This post was going to be an introduction to another blog run by a fellow knowledge transfer enthusiast,  Cultured Primate, but I got completely sidetracked by the last thing Lewis retweeted (but do check him out, he’s awesome):


Peer review is still broken, corrupt and outdated. In other news, the sky is blue and Athena needs more cuddles.

There’s really nothing to say to this. Not only did a peer reviewer think this was an acceptable thing to say, but an editorial team thought this was an acceptable thing to hand over to authors. Oi vay.

More Science Communication from VoYS

Voice of Young Science, who were instrumental in prompting me to start Fluffy Sciences, ran another one of their excellent Science Communication workshops next week.


Check out Chemist By Choice’s write up of the event. If you’re a young scientist I really recommend you keep up with VoYS and their Standing Up For Science Media workshops. Very useful stuff!