Fluffy Friday – Visualising Risk

Happy Hogmanay my lovelies!

I am, as you read this, most likely still recovering as in Scotland we take two public holiday days to get over the Hogmanay celebrations. Myself and Athena are probably both curled up on the sofa hoping someone will clear up around us.

But I did spot this great little article in the New York Times that I’d like to share – just because it’s a great example of visualising risk, and in a situation that many of us are frighteningly familiar with . . .

How likely is it your birth control will fail?

In brief, Fluffy Friday form, here’s what I love about it:

  • It describes the relationship with time, showing how risk is not always a linear relationship. Indeed in some cases it levels off with time.
  • It shows the difference between typical use and perfect use, on the same graph, and sometimes this is quite startling! (Honestly, what happens with Depo-Provera?)
  • It describes the actual risk – e.g. failure resulting in pregnancy, out of a 100 women.
  • My choice comes out on top – yay for progesterone only implants! Who knew migraines were good for something.