About Fluffy Science

I’m Jilly. As of June 2016 I’m a research fellow in veterinary education, and prior to that I was an ethologist who worked in animal welfare science.

I work in a very interdisciplinary field, exploring how qualitative and quantitative science can interact. I’m interested how we interact with animals and also how we interact with digital environments. This blog started as an animal welfare science blog and ‘Fluffy Science’ was chosen because ethologists are often thought of as the fluffy scientists who spend a lot of time cuddling bunnies. I find the complexity of ‘soft’ science fascinating. With this blog I want to help people learn about the great advances ethologists have made in understanding animals, and help everyone embrace the wide range of methodologies that are available to us.

The posting schedule is currently erratic while I recover from writing my book – Animal Personalities.

All opinions are my own and not necessary the opinions of my colleagues or institutes I have been associated with.

Posts used to be divided into these four categories, and as of 2018 I’m going to be adding more of my active research onto this blog:

Journal Club – where we discuss papers of interest, expect lots of references but written for a general audience.

Knowledge Transfer – where we talk about public engagement, teaching, and science communication.

Tea Break – scientists love their tea and cake, this is where general interest stuff goes.

Fluffy Friday – where the ‘fluff’ pieces go, if you’ll forgive the pun, because TGIF.

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2 thoughts on “About Fluffy Science

  1. I’m looking for your entry re the “naming” of cattle as individuals, and cannot find it. Can you point me to it?
    Just found your blog, I’m a veterinarian and an ethicist/philosopher/writer as well, just discovered this blog!


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