Athena Approved [Chronicles of Athena – 27 Weeks]

This week Athena would like to share some of her favourite, and not so favourite, products. These are all either free or purchased with my money, and the opinions are entirely Athena’s own.

Favourite Toys:

Cat Alone app – this is a really simple android app that locks the screen and plays a variety of small interactive graphics, such as a laser pointer, a finger, and some bugs. Athena’s absolute favourite is the blue butterflies which she scrabbles at frantically until they buzz and get ‘trapped’ under her paw. The images all interact with her, which she loves, though the fly screen seems to make her rather sleepy. I love this app too, especially for its versatility. On the occasions where we’ve travelled, or she’s been kept in her basket, the app is great to use. She does, however, scratch the screen when she’s too excited.

Also, the use of this app made me realise I would definitely stick children in front of the TV for an extra hour’s shut eye. 5/5 Stars

Willow’s Long Legged Cat Toy – All of Athena’s toys seem to get a name and an honorific. Miss Kitty, as we call this one, has quickly become a huge favourite. The bell is a little too low down for my liking, Athena likes to chew on it when she’s attacked Miss Kitty, and the plastic rod has completely bent in her playing, but something about the tactile nature of the long rope legs and plush body has completely enthralled Athena. Hunting Miss Kitty (and subsequently removing her facial features one by one) is Athena’s little joy in life. 3/5 Stars – we’ll need to get a new one soon

Cat Accessories

Igloo Bed – Athena’s igloo bed, which I purchased before she even arrived, is much like this one and has never been used. She has no real idea what a cat bed is for, and deeply mistrusts the fluffy pillow inside, even though it’s a close match for the fabric on Fluffy Mummy Blanket that she has loved so much she’s chewed a small hole in it. Unrated – can’t give a verdict on something she won’t use.

Climbing Tree – This is Athena’s tree, by Songmics, and it’s a great little starter tree for an indoor cat. She has multiple levels to play with and bounces between them. The toys lost their attraction pretty quick, but the top most platform is one of the best places to survey the living room and watch over any unexpected guests. Of course, being Athena, she hasn’t figured out what the cat bed part is for but  . . . never mind. Can’t have everything. 4/5 Stars – a little unstable when she’s going crazy, a broader base would be better. 


Thrive Cat Treats – 100% chicken, no additives, no mysterious extras. Athena does not recognise these as food. 0/5 Not to be bought again.

Whiskas Anti Hairballs – All the additives, all the salt, Athena would step over her own mother to get her paws on these. She deliberately acts shy when someone comes in the door because she knows if she does she’ll get some treats to entice her out. 5/5 Have taught Athena more guile than the rest of all her life experiences together. 

2 thoughts on “Athena Approved [Chronicles of Athena – 27 Weeks]

  1. Interesting about the igloo – I’d always thought my cats didn’t like them because if you go inside some other joker is guaranteed to sit on the top, but I would have thought it would be OK for a singleton cat. Maybe Athena had a bad experience with igloos before you got her?


    1. As far as I’m aware she’s had no bad experiences with igloo – up until I got her she was with her siblings in the cattery or in the foster home. Apparently even when she was recovering from her spay in the vet’s she preferred to sit on top of the shelter and watch people suspiciously rather than hide from them.

      She will hide under the bed though – in fact she’s got a little nest behind some boxes under there where she takes her toys for extended torture sessions. She also loves to be put in a box during play so I don’t think it’s an objection to small places.

      If I had to speculate I’d say that when she wants to hide, she’d rather have multiple escape routes, and when she doesn’t want to specifically hide she sees no need for a place that’s reserved for her. After all – why sit in an igloo when you have a whole sofa?

      She’s just not a big fan of cat beds I think! 🙂


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